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Mac Pro | 128GB RAM, Quadro K4000 Graphics

Mac Pro | 128GB RAM, Quadro K4000 Graphics

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Expansion Cards
Operating System

RAM Configurations

Mac Pro has 8 RAM slots, which can each hold one module of RAM. The 8 slots are divided into two sets of four, with each processor controlling one of these sets.

The processors are able to manage the RAM in three modes: single-channel, dual-channel, and triple-channel. More channels enables higher bandwidth for the RAM.

If you require high bandwidth over capacity, you should choose a RAM configuration that uses triple-channel addressing: 96GB, or 192GB.

If you require RAM capacity over bandwidth, then you can pick the dual-channel configurations of 128GB or 256GB.

If you don't know if you need more bandwidth or more capacity, you can always contact us for advice.

macOS Versions

Mac Pro is compatible with macOS versions from 10.6 to 10.13, and 10.14 if a Metal-capable graphics card is installed. All our configurations come with a Metal-capable graphics card installed.

To boot into later macOS versions, OpenCore can be installed to patch incompatabilities between the Mac and the OS. This allows macOS versions up to 12 Monterey to be installed and run flawlessly.

Contact us if you require a specific macOS version to be installed. It's likely that it can be

Thunderbolt and USB C

Using the Mac Pro's PCIe expansion slots, add-in cards can be installed to provide high-bandwidth I/O that wasn't available when these Macs were released.

USB add-in cards allow for USB 3 (of all generations) to be installed. USB 3.2 gen 2 offers up to 10Gb/s on the Mac Pro. This offers USB A and USB C ports.

Thunderbolt 3 and 2 connectivity can be added using a proprietary add-in card. This will enable most Thunderbolt 3 (and Thunderbolt 2 devices, using an adapter) to operate, however compatability between all devices is not guaranteed. Most devices will operate however be prepared to troubleshoot if your device is not knwon to work. A list of confirmed working devices can be found here

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  • Specifications


    Dual Xeon 3.46GHz (12 Cores, 24 Threads)
    Boost to 3.73GHz


     128GB - Dual Channel Configuration


     NVidia Quadro K4000 3GB


    Built-in USB and Firewire bus
    USB 3.2 10Gb/s via included add-in card
    Optional Thunderbolt 3
    Built-in DVD Superdrive
    Dual Gigabit Ethernet
    Digital audio in/out


    4 SATA drive bays
    Accepts standard 3.5” drives, any capacity
    2 SATA front bays
    DVD Superdrive installed in top bay
    Lower bay available for use
    Optional PCIe NVMe SSD

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    Ultimate Classic Mac Pro


    Expandable and Capable

    • The classic Mac Pro 5,1 is the last Apple computer that remains almost fully expandable and upgradable. It's PCIe and SATA slots allow for easy and cost-effective upgrades that allow it to remain a powerful device even after years of service.
    • Powered by intel Xeon processors, Mac Pro excels at multi-threaded CPU-based tasks and can run Windows , macOS and other operating systems natively and without emulation.
    • Modern GPUs and 8 user-accessible RAM slots allow Mac Pro to have graphics computational power surpassing computers released today

    Advanced Graphics

    • Mac Pro is the only Apple computer that allows for GPU upgrades. As graphics cards remain compatible with the PCIe industry standard, this allows the Mac Pro to benifit from cutting-edge graphics chips at a fraction of the cost of a whole new system.
    • Mac Pro can utilise Radeon RX 580 graphics, an affordable and powerful chip. Or, it can be paired with Radeon chips like the 6800 or 6900 which blow past even the biggest Apple Silicon chips, M1 Ultra.

    Pro Power: Low Cost

    • For RAM intensive operations, Mac Pro is the only option with the ability to configure up to 256GB. Using triple-channel RAM configurations and dedicated GDDR6 graphics memory, Mac Pro's RAM speed is also capable of keeping up with modern bandwidth-intensive tasks
    • For high-capacity storage needs, Mac Pro's internal SATA drive bays allow for capcities of over 10TB to easily be reached - 120TB could be installed with all 6 bays filled with 20TB drives.
    • All of these benefits of Mac Pro are coupled with the peace of mind that all components are user accessible and easily replacable, and a price lower than any current Apple studio-class desktop.

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