Refurbished iPod classic

iPod classic was built and sold from 2009 to 2014, in capacities up to 160GB. As the last traditional 'click-wheel' iPod it has remained the best option for getting the classic Apple music experience with the biggest storage space and the most modern features. But with ageing batteries and unreliable hard drives, more and more iPod classics fail and end up lost, forgotten or thrown away.

DCG !Pod offers newly upgraded and restored iPod classics, ready to be used just like you're familiar with. By replacing the spinning hard drive with flash storage from the venerable, storage up to 2TB is possible that's more energy efficient, quiter, lighter and safe from data loss. Together with this, larger capacity batteries can be installed in the space that's saved by removing the hard drive. A completety new outer housing completes the package and iPod classics are as close to new as possible once again!

We offer a wide range of flash storage capacities, from 128GB up to 2TB. The classic original colours of Silver, Black or Grey are available from the stockroom or custom colours (including red, gold, blue, green and many more) are also available as custom orders. By using iFlash storage adapters, our iPods are the most reliable and energy efficient. We pair iFlash with enterprise-quality SDXC cards to produce the best experience possible. Be wary of iPods that use cheaper storage adapters or SATA SSDs - many are prone to errors or even overheating!

All of our iPods use original components as their core - only geniune Apple system boards and other logic-containing components are used. Outer housings are produced from the same factories as the originals using the same design, but with the proper, expanded storage capacity etched on the rear for a complete look. Custom colours for rear panels (such as black, gold, blue or irridescent) are also available!

iPods remain compatible with Windows and macOS. Windows users can use iTunes to manage and sync their iPod, while mac OS now offers iPod managment completely built-in via the Finder file interface. Bear in mind though that iPod classic can't sync with subscription services like Apple Music, and instead requires you to have your songs locally and fully licensed to you. You can purchase your music from anywhere, from iTunes to Bandcamp to backing up a physical copy such as a CD.

Custom iPod classic colour swapped options - black and white, silver and black, grey and white

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We have a range of colour options and capacities available now, ready to order. If you want a bespoke design (perhaps with a custom colour or larger storage) we offer a Build-to-Order service too

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Buy any iPod classic and get a free 30-pin to USB C cable! Every iPod will also come with a standard USB A cable and headphones as standard

  • Upgraded Storage

    Faster, more reliable, quieter, lighter and more energy-efficient. There's no metric that flash storage is beaten by. We use the best components avaialable so you can rest assured your music will always be there, ready to go.

  • New Batteries

    One of the first parts to fail in older technology is the battery. Newer lithium-polymer batteries have higher energy density and better lifespans than ones available over a decade ago, and paired with the much less energy-intensive iFlash storage system iPod classic can last up to 100 hours on a single charge

  • 2 Full Years Of Warranty

    Perhaps the most important reason to buy refurbished is for peace of mind. Since these iPods are practically new again, we know that they should also come with a guarantee that backs that up. Any component fault is covered by a full 2 year warranty - longer than anywhere else.


We have wall mount artwork to suit your iPod too! Using unrecoverable components a teardown display piece is a great way to show off iPod classic. We also have 80's and 90's inspired Ads too.

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