Custom iPod Classics

The stock iPod classic was available in silver and black, and with capacities up to 160GB. But now, thanks to flash storage adapters, larger batteries, and custom-anodised exterior panels, you can choose practically any combination you want to create your perfect iPod classic!

We can modify your existing iPod or Build-to-Order a completely refurbished one from scratch for you. Get in touch if you have an idea for what you want your perfect custom iPod to look like!

All of our custom iPods and upgrade services are covered by a 2 year warranty - no other iPod service provider offers the same peace of mind

  • Flash Storage

    Replace an unreliable and ageing hard drive with a brand new flash storage solution from iFlash. Pick any capacity, from 32GB up to 2TB. You'll get the benefits of faster data speeds, longer battery life, absolute drop-protection and reduced weight to make your iPod feel like a brand new system. We use high quality Integral Pro SDXC cards in flash boards alongside the only flash storage system the whole iPod community trusts.

  • Extended Batteries

    Replacing the hard drive with flash storage frees up space inside the iPod for larger battery cells. Go from the original 750 mAh battery to one rated for 2000 mAh or even 3000 mAh - upping the runtime of your iPod from 30 hours to over 100 on a single charge! The largest batteries can require the thicker-type rear casing so bear in mind if you prefer your devices to be as slim as possible or to have the best battery life.

  • Custom iPod classic options - silver, transparent, red and black, silver and black

    Custom Colour Combinations

    Front panels andosied to red, green, blue and purple are available, and almost any colour is possible with new dye coatings. Swap the click wheel colour from white to black for a sleek look that matches newer Apple designs, or replace the bare stainless steel rear for a black or gold version. 3D printed parts allow for different plastics for the front or rear panels, including transparent! The possibilities are almost endless...

Colour Swaps

A simple and sleek aesthetic mod is to swap the click wheel for the opposite colour - pair a silver iPod with a black click wheel to create an iPod that matches the look of modern MacBook Pros, or add a white click wheel to a black iPod to create a fresh look.

Internal Bluetooth Mods

One of the most advanced iPod classic customisations is to install a Bluetooth transmitter inside the body - removing the need for external adapters or dongles. A Bluetooth transmitter is installed in the casing and connected to the audio circuit of the iPod, allowing it to connect to any standard Bluetooth device (including AirPods). A custom designed rear casing that includes a new antenna panel (reminicent of iPod touch) allows for reliable and long-range Bluetooth connectivity

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