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DCG !Pod refurbishes, upgrades and restores classic iPod models, ready for you to enjoy with even more features than before! We replace the battery in all devices - including ones that have a larger capacity than stock (2200mAh over the standard 750mAh). Paired with flash memory instead of a rotational hard drive, our refurbished iPods are more reliable, lighter, have longer battery life and have a much longer life expectancy than versions that still use hard drives. See our range of models below - featuring the classic grey, black and silver colours as well as custom-made options!

  • Refurbished and Upgraded

    Fully restored and refurbished iPods, complete with new batteries, storage systems and outer housings. Enjoy an experience as close to new as possible! All iPods also ship with a charging cable and headphones. Pick from your choice of a standard USB A to 30-pin or our bespoke USB C to 30-pin charge and sync cable.

  • 2 Year Warranty

    Every iPod is covered by a 2 year guarantee. Any unexpected fault or issue with your new iPod is covered. We can also assist with other problems and offer a Servicing program for any device if you need a repair later on.

    Don't hesitate to conact us if you have any queries. All orders also include a money-back guarantee - see our terms for more info.

  • Works just like you want it

    Use iPod classic just like any other iPod - plug it in and sync straight away with your music library. Support for iTunes in Windows or Mac, as well as through the finder on newer Mac systems. Get space for up to 50,000 tracks, thousands of hours of video and more. Use extra storage as a portable USB drive via Disk Mode. Even more features are possible using Rockbox - contact us for details.

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