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3000mAh Replacement Battery

3000mAh Replacement Battery

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3000mAh Replacement Battery for iPod Classic and iPod Video (5th gen, 5.5 gen, 6 6.5 & 7th gen)

  • Compatible with all capacities of iPod Classic / Video (30GB, 60GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB)
  • Able to fit with iFlash adapters & most hard drives - please see conditions below
  • LG manufactured cell
  • Rated 3.8v
  • 3000mAh rated capacity
  • 75mm x 50mm x 4mm Dimensions (suitable for thick [13.5mm] iPods, see below)
Upgrade your iPod Clasic or iPod Video with these batteries. They have a much higher capacity than the original 750mAh batteries, and are newly manufactured so will have a much higher longevity than older Apple batteries. When paired with energy-efficient storage systems (SD cards, mSATA drives, etc) the battery life can be extended even further. These cells do have more capacity than other extended batteries (850mAh, 2000mAh, 2200mAh etc), however due to their size have some extra compatability issues.

These batteries are much longer (and wider) than the original battery, so please be aware of the mounting process before buying. If you have a hard drive in your iPod, you will need to ensure that the rear case of the iPod is the thick type, to allow the battery to sit atop the hard drive. However, if you have a 80GB iPod Video, or a 160GB 6th Gen Thick iPod Classic, the hard drive inside is thicker than usual, so you'll need to repalce the hard drive with a slimmer one. They're all compatable with each other so you can just use a HDD from any other 5th or 7th gen and everything will work. If you have an iFlash adapter, the battery will also sit atop it fine.

Some people apparently have been able to fit this size of battery in an iPod that has a 'slim' type case (10.5mm thick, rather than 13.5mm) together with an iFlash Quad, which is the thinnest SD board you can get. Personally I've never done this. I believe you need to cut some part of the inner metal frame to allow the battery to sit tighter against the rest of the components. I know this battery fits if you have a thick case and a slim HDD or a SD adapter, with no modifiactions to the frame.

Battery Use

When installing a new battery, it is best to fully charge the device, and then use it to drain it to empty. Then, recharge it fully again. This helps the battery management system understand the new capacity and provide better charge level estimates.

Factors affecting battery life include screen brightness, media file type (mp3, m4a), storage media type (HDD, SSD, SD), media type technology (mSATA, SDXC UHS-1). Apparently other issues such as a faulty headphone socket may also impact battery life. Battery longevity can be affected by storage temperatures and charging behaviour. 

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