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Welcome to DCG !Pod (not iPod)! We are a refurbisher and retailer of iPods, Macs, PCs, and other various technology sometimes. We started in 2019 on eBay, and have now opened our newwebsite where we have for sale our upgraded and refurbished iPod classics, restored Macs and also parts and components for all kinds of technology.

In recent years, it seems that technology is shifting away from personal property and becoming more of a service-based product. Streaming services have become the go-to for content, and there are new programs that offer technology upgrades every year or so as a subscription. We also see more features and products gated behind certain hardware or software upgrades, which tries to entice people to buy the newest tech just to use a feature that would have no trouble working on their old device.

I like finding older technology and seeing how far it can stretch itself into the modern era, while still performing well. Did you know that you can install a fork of Firefox on a PowerPC mac and have it browse the modern internet? Or that a Pentium 4 PC can still run the latest Windows? Some of this doesn't make any sense in the modern world, but sometimes it makes more sense then the products you can buy today. Listen to music on your phone, and you'll probably need signal. And a subscription to a streaming service. And probably wireless headphones. And hope that someone doesn't call you and inerrupt your listening. With an iPod, you can listen wherever in the world you like. And you never need to worry about paying rent to a streaming service. And the only person who can ineterrupt your music, is you.

I think its important that we keep control of our own stuff. Keep your music on your hard drive. Know how to pop open your laptop to replace the battery. Don't let someone else tell you your computer's out of date jsut because they don't fancy pushing the latest update to your device.

IBM used to use THINK as their slogan, asking people to take a moment to consider the proper way to do things. Apple played with that idea, and wanted people to Think different. But now, as our lives seem to be influenced more and more by people and organisations around the world, take the control back. Think yourself.


- Josh


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